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An Uncommon Internship

Are you looking for an exciting, paid, real-world internship experience?

Our hands-on experiential program provides students with knowledge and practical applications to support you in your studies and on your career path. 

What you will do

During our 10-week rotational program, interns will spend approximately 35 hours per week consulting with assigned mentors and participating in the day-to-day operations of each line of business.  Interns can look forward to attending corporate social events, onsite client visits, a day of service and a meaningful capstone project presentation. 

  • Meetings with Leadership
  • Social Events
  • Team Bonding
  • Capstone Project

What you Will Learn

Interns will cultivate key industry skills and knowledge, while also developing business acumen, collaboration, and time management skills. Additionally, interns have the unique opportunity to learn about the history and unique culture of Parkside directly from our senior level executives.

  • Commercial Banking
  • Family Office Services
  • Trust Services
  • 401(k) Plan Services

What we're about

We are dedicated to improving lives both personally and professionally. Our internship program provides students with valuable skills they can utilize throughout the finance industry, and as the move into adulthood. We hope to guide students toward a career filled with infinite possibilities, and inspire them to reach their greatest potential.


Britni Gortner

2020 Intern Class
Commercial Lending Officer
Parkside Financial Bank & Trust

Drake Naylor

2019 Intern Class
Trust & Family Office Analyst
Parkside Financial Bank & Trust

Patrick Bolster

Investment Banking Analyst

Matthew Gregor, CFA

Fourthstone, LLC


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