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Investor Relations

Parkside Financial Bank & Trust is the wholly owned subsidiary of Parkside Financial, Inc.  Our growth is made possible because of the commitment of Parkside Financial, Inc. shareholders.  We encourage you to visit our website often for updated news and information, as well as past issues of our Shareholder Newsletter.

Stock Transactions
We are pleased to partner with BancList.com to provide our current and prospective shareholders a convenient and transparent marketplace to post listings in order to facilitate the buying or selling of Parkside Financial, Inc. stock. 

Once a stock transaction has been negotiated privately, please contact Parkside Financial, Inc. Investor Relations to facilitate the trade. 

Phone:  314.290.8600
Email:  investorrelations@pfbt.com 

Most Recent Stock Transactions*
Transaction Date Total Shares Price Per Share
March 14, 2024 1,000 $38.00
March 4, 2024 17,166.928 $38.00
January 16, 2024 1,000 $38.00
January 16, 2024 1,000 $38.00
January 9, 2024 2,000 $38.00

Parkside Financial, Inc. Dividend History*
2023 - $1.15 per share
2022 - $1.05 per share
2021 - $0.95 per share
2020 - $0.85 per share
2019 - $0.80 per share
*Most recent five years

Questions? Please do not hesitate to contact our team.