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Education & Support

It’s important to help your employees achieve financial wellness and retirement readiness through a strong and competitive benefits package. We believe education is at the core of ensuring your employees take full advantage of all that your plan offers.  That’s why we are so proactive in managing the education process. Broad-based participation in the plan benefits you as well, with lower overall costs, increased morale and employees prepared to retire at an appropriate age.
We provide extensive in-person enrollment training and annual participant education programs throughout our ongoing consultative relationship.  This emphasis on education ensures participants understand contribution limits, tax consequences and available investment options.  In fact, we encourage your employees to call us directly for personalized advice to support their retirement planning.  One of the ways we measure plan success is by its ability to help your participants prepare for retirement, and our high-touch approach is proven to increase engagement.  This leads to improved participation rates with a greater focus on maximizing contributions.
When your employees have questions, we have answers.