A spreadsheet sits on a desk, the top right corner partially covered by a computer keyboard. A person in a faintly striped blazer and white shirt leans over the desk with a pencil in one hand, hovering above the spreadsheet. The person flips through a thin booklet with the other hand.

Financial Reporting

What makes us unique is our ability to report on your complete financial portfolio so that you understand your true net worth.  We offer account aggregation—a valuable tool allowing us to analyze and report on all your accounts and assets, whether under our direct management or not.  
Our robust reporting capabilities reach well beyond market values to include amortization and accretion, income and expenses, gains and losses, actual and projected income, and performance reports—and they are available for you via our convenient web portal.  The result is a powerfully accurate and thorough analysis of your complete financial picture.  In addition, we provide financial statements, tax modeling and estate reports to illustrate your long-term plan and demonstrate how your wealth is transferred.