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Board of Directors

The members of our Board of Directors lend their wisdom and insight in support of Parkside’s mission, serving as advocates for our clients throughout the nation and strengthening our community.

Edward D. Briscoe
Sydenstricker Nobbe Partners
Michael J. Christ
Guggenheim Partners, LLC

Scott D. Fesler
Eagle Private Capital

Peter S. Frane
Olympic Marine
Chairman of the Board
Samuel A. Hamacher
formerly of Harbour Group
Andrew S. Hereford
Parkside Financial Bank & Trust

Brian J. Hogan
Hogan Truck Leasing

Stephen F. Holste
ARCO Construction Company

Nathan G. McKean
Breckenridge Material Company
Elizabeth E. Niedringhaus
Systems Service Enterprises
Frederick J. Oertli
Guarantee Electrical Company
John S. Ross, Jr.
Summit Development Group, LLC

Curtis B. Searcy
Parkside Financial Bank & Trust
James C. Wagner
Parkside Financial Bank & Trust
Matthew A. Wagner
Parkside Financial Bank & Trust