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Investment Management

We manage trust investments specifically to meet a trust’s intended goals, objectives and cash-flow needs while adhering to an appropriate risk tolerance.  We don’t have proprietary funds or earn commissions, enabling us to advise with absolute objectivity.  This independence reinforces our tailored approach to managing investments.  We track and monitor a variety of asset classes and source alternative investments to provide a thoroughly researched, intelligent and unbiased strategy. In addition, we are extremely focused on maximizing after-tax income.  
As a trustee, we often manage investments catering to the needs of both current and future beneficiaries.  This role requires us to skillfully balance different risk profiles and perspectives related to the long-term viability of a trust.  With access to high-caliber, industry-leading research and portfolio design, it’s our mission to capitalize on market opportunities and take appropriate measures to protect trust investments during even the most challenging economic environments.