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Investments & Due Diligence

 As your fiduciary, we help you select quality investments for your plan.  When it comes to choosing these investments, you can be assured we have best-in-class research to support each decision.  Our independent global research partner leverages a strategic combination of quantitative metrics, such as performance history, risk and dispersion of returns, along with qualitative metrics, such as quality of the management team, philosophy, consistency of process and investment discipline to ensure we are selecting a well-diversified mix of investment options.  Our open architecture model frees us from the proprietary fund requirements many advisors are held to, and enables ultimate flexibility in providing the lowest-cost share class fund options.
When investing their funds inside the plan, participants can select any combination from a simplified list of options, choose from one of Parkside’s risk-based models or select among available target date funds.  Parkside’s models are designed by our investment committee and regularly updated to incorporate the latest economic and asset class forecasts.  Our models can include valuable asset classes, such as absolute return or long/short, which are not traditional plan options.  This variety of investment options and superior due diligence positions your plan and your participants for greater success.