Protect Your Personal Information

February 2021

During times of economic uncertainty, and with a significant number of people working remotely, companies and individuals are increasingly at risk of fraud or cyberattacks.  Unfortunately, we have been made aware that scammers are directly targeting clients of other banks. Therefore, we want to remind you that Parkside Financial Bank & Trust will not proactively contact you to request your secure personal information including account number, Social Security number, PIN, User ID, debit card
number, passwords or online banking credentials. Should you contact a member of our team, we may request this information to verify your identity.

Should you receive a text or call appearing to be from Parkside Financial Bank & Trust, but you do not recognize the caller, please hang up and contact our team directly at 314.290.8600.

During this unprecedented time, additional fraud threats are on the rise. Safeguard yourself by learning more about pandemic related fraud schemes via the FBI PANDEMIC FRAUD PSA.

The safety and integrity of your accounts are our top priority. Should you have any questions about the security features available on your accounts, please contact our team.