2023 Parkside Interns

We are thrilled to welcome Jessie Deutschmann, Graham Johnson, Cameron Thomas, and Anjali Yadav to our team this summer!

First Department Rotation Recap

Our 2023 Parkside Summer Interns recently completed their first rotation through several departments at Parkside! In addition, they attended Lunch N' Learns presented by the following departments: Family Office & Banking, Loans, 401 (k), Client Services Representative, Bank Operations, and Marketing.

Banking Department Rotation Family Office Department Rotation 
Jessie Deutschmann & Graham Johnson

Their hands-on opportunities included:

  • Sitting in on weekly loan committee meetings
  • Inputting company and personal financial statements
  • Writing up loans and renewals and understanding the thought process behind approving new loans
  • Preparing margin analysis and credit analysis'
  • Observing client phone calls with lenders
Anjali Yadav & Cameron Thomas

Their hands-on opportunities included:

  • Working with analysts to learn how to place trades and rebalance portfolios
  • Attending bi-weekly all analyst meetings
  • Experiencing the client review process, including the pre-review with an advisor to the final client product
  • Learning about insurance, estate taxes, retirement accounts, loss harvesting & more
  • Assisting in contact entity and beneficiaries clean-up, 401k misusers and daily security classifications
Learn what our interns had to say about their first rotations!
Jessie Deutschmann | Commercial Bank Department


"I really enjoyed following Britni and witnessing the day-to-day job as a junior lender. . . I also enjoyed going to loan committee meetings to see the interactions between analysts, lenders, and relationship managers, and understand the thought process behind approving new loans. The lunches and small conversations in the office were a great opportunity for me to get to know the mentors and other commercial bankers at Parkside. I am grateful for the opportunity to work alongside this talented group of individuals, and I am excited to rotate and learn another industry with Parkside’s TFO employees!"

Graham Johnson | Commercial Bank Department


“Wrapping up my three weeks in the commercial banking rotation, I had several takeaways, and learning experiences that opened my eyes to a new side of the finance world I had little experience in . . . Working on the commercial banking floor every day, showed me the daily personal interactions among lenders, analysts, and other members of the department. . . The bankers constantly collaborate and manage relationships with clients as well as each other. . . Overall, I had a fantastic experience in the banking division, meeting very intelligent and personable people who taught me a lot about commercial lending and working as a collective.”

Anjali Yadav | Family Office Department ▼


“The three-week family office rotation has exposed me to unfamiliar facets of the finance industry and provided me with real-world experience and learning . . .  Under the guidance of my mentor, Christine, I learned a lot. . . One of the most interesting things I got to experience was the client review process. . . While deciphering the 50-page client review, I learned about the many factors that play a role in financial planning. . . This provided me with a deeper understanding of the meticulous work and insight that goes into financial planning and client recommendations. . . Overall, my experience working with Christine and other analysts in the Family Office rotation was immensely enjoyable. Gaining knowledge and insights from these talented professionals was not only valuable, but also so much fun!”

Cameron Thomas | Family Office Department ▼

“For my first three weeks at Parkside, I got to get immersed in the Family & Trust Office for my first rotation and it was an amazing experience. . .  we had the opportunity to learn the intricacies of the whole analysis process behind crafting complex reports and reviews for prospective clients and current clients. . .  An awesome opportunity, I enjoyed was that we were tasked to complete a variety of projects . . .  Even though Anjali and I were paired with a specific mentor we connected with the other analysts, and it led to open conversation, constant jokes, and many impromptu learning sessions on every aspect of the TFO office. This was a great rotation, and I enjoyed my time.”

Second Department Rotation Recap

They are halfway there! Our Interns recently completed their second rotation through the Trust & Family Office departments at Parkside.

Family Office Department Rotation  Trust Department Rotation 
Jessie Deutschmann & Graham Johnson

Their hands-on opportunities included:

  • Learning about the of the responsibilities of a wealth management advisor.
  • Gaining an understanding of the advisor’s thought process behind guiding a client in accomplishing their financial goals and the function of an analyst in supporting the advisors in their clients' financial planning.
  • Watching aspects of the wealth management process, from classifying securities to pre-reviews and trading securities.
  • Observing the day-to-day work of the Family Office analysts and coordinators, including the process of client reviews, from preparation for the review to what happens after.
Anjali Yadav & Cameron Thomas

Their hands-on opportunities included:

  • Learning about all the nuances of administering trusts and the unique and personalized nature of Parkside’s Trust team and how they collaborate to meet their clients’ needs.
  • Taking part in a variety of projects, including conducting Due Diligence on outside investment advisors managing our trusts, reviewing ILIT client files and organizing important documents.
  • Learning the groundwork of trusts, including how to read a trust document, the specifics of what a trust entails, and how Parkside mitigates conflict as trustees.
  • Contributing to a digitization process where they inspected complete files and ensured duplicates were adequately integrated into the system for superior customer service.
Learn what our interns had to say about their second rotations!
Jessie Deutschmann | Family Office Department


“During my time with the Family Office team, I learned about the responsibilities of a wealth management advisor. The team advises clients in approaches to ensure they achieve their financial goals, including assisting them in choosing investments and planning for their retirements. I enjoyed seeing how passionate the team is for every client and how they strive to help each client succeed with their financial goals. . . Parkside is unique as all employees’ opinions and ideas are equally valued, and they share the same end goal by working together to guide their clients in the best possible way. [One] of my favorite moments included observing my mentor Katie make daily trades and sitting in on pre and post client reviews.”

Graham Johnson | Family Office Department


“Throughout my three weeks in the Family Office rotation, I was given the unique ability to see how analysts and advisors prepared for client interactions and how much effort was put into assisting the client with understanding the world of financial planning. . .The Family Office constantly works together and inspires collaboration on all projects, and no one is discouraged from offering insight on a task whether or not they are assigned to it. . . I really enjoyed being exposed to the thought process behind helping a client realize their financial goals. It was very interesting to see how, even though clients had similar goals, every experience was unique and [each client had] their own path built to assist them.”

Anjali Yadav | Trust Department ▼


“The Trust department at Parkside boasts a smaller clientele of just over 100 clients, allowing for personalized and hands-on service to meet their every need. . .  The unique and personalized nature of Trust services fascinated me. In the short time I spent there, I absorbed a wealth of knowledge about the various types of trusts, their purpose, tax implications, and more. Cameron and I applied the knowledge we learned to practical projects. . .  My time in the Trust department was rich with learning experiences and hands-on application of knowledge.”

Cameron Thomas | Trust Department ▼

“One characteristic I experienced with this department as I did with the Family Office department is how tuned in, they are with their clients. While I was in this rotation, I learned all the groundwork of trusts from Kyle and Justin when they gave a fun and interactive presentation cleverly titled “Trust 101” . . . I got to work with Anjali and complete due diligence reports [and participate in] a digitation [project] where we looked at whole files and helped ensure copies were properly integrated into the system for better service for clients. It was fun learning all the nuances of administering trusts and I have enjoyed this rotation.”

Third Department Rotation Recap

They have completed their rotations! Our Interns recently finished their third and final rotations throughout our Trust and Banking departments.

Trust Department Rotation Banking Department Rotation
Jessie Deutschmann & Graham Johnson

Their hands-on opportunities included:

  • Seeing real world examples of clients organizing their assets in order to avoid any complications of inheritance among their beneficiaries.
  • Learning about the different types of trusts.
  • Learning the value and importance of trusts as a safe place to hold assets for future beneficiaries.
  • Witnessing ongoing healthy client relationships between advisors and clients.
Anjali Yadav & Cameron Thomas

Their hands-on opportunities included:

  • Learning about and contributing to the preparation of loan requests.
  • Spreading client financials, preparing and uploading margins, and writing up credit analyses.
  • Witnessing the variety of loan requests/renewals that come through Parkside and seeing the collaboration that goes into each deal.
  • Learning about the whole loan process, including assisting in internal loan updates and compiling and inputting margins.
Learn what our interns had to say about their third rotations!
Jessie Deutschmann | Trust Department


"Before starting the third rotation, I knew little about trust accounts. I quickly learned that a trust is a safe place to hold assets for future beneficiaries. Trust accounts control how much money beneficiaries can receive each month and how they can use it. This prevents the money from being neglected or spent all at once. Parkside’s Trust team stressed the importance of a healthy client relationship and caring for their individual needs. Every trust is unique, therefore it is important to stay attentive and work with clients towards an equal goal. Overall, my two weeks spent in Trust opened my eyes to a new side of the finance industry and gave me the opportunity to learn from fantastic mentors."
Graham Johnson | Trust Department


"The third and final rotation of Trust offered the opportunity to see real world examples of clients organizing their assets to avoid any complications of inheritance among their beneficiaries. . . Getting to know the trust officers in the office and outside of Parkside gave me insight on how people can find their career in places they did not expect. The last rotation gave me a lot to think about in terms of what I want to do with my career. . . Witnessing the amount of relationship management needed between the trustor and trust officer is extremely impressive. Working in a highly sociable industry is important to me and Trust embodies that trait with every client and internal collaboration at Parkside." 
Anjali Yadav | Commercial Bank Department


"During this rotation I had a revelation about commercial banking and the diversity present in lending. Prior to working with Britni, Matt, and other team members on the bank side, I didn’t appreciate the scope of commercial banking. I thought it revolved around mortgages and car loans, but at Parkside, I discovered a whole new dimension of lending. Parkside’s focus on non-consumer lending has made the deals we’ve worked on seen even more fascinating. . . Among all I experienced in this rotation, my favorite was sitting in loan committee on Tuesday mornings. It was interesting to witness the variety of loan requests/renewals that come through Parkside and see the collaboration that goes into each deal. . . I had a great time in the banking rotation. I worked alongside smart, sociable individuals who taught me about the importance of collaboration and showed me how dynamic commercial banking can be."
Cameron Thomas | Commercial Bank Department


"While within the Commercial Banking rotation, I had the opportunity to learn under the mentorship of Matt, Britni, and many others. . . Throughout the rotation, Anjali and I learned about the whole loan process, assisted in internal loan updates, spread financials, compiled and input margins, and much more. While working with Matt, I expanded my vocabulary and finance terminology by 100+ words. This allowed me to better be able to understand and learn while attending Loan Committee meetings. Following my time in commercial banking, I can confidently say I understand more of what it encompasses than I did before. I am grateful for the time and connections I have made in commercial banking; I was able to learn of what it encompasses and its importance."

Lunch N' Learn Highlights

During their internship, interns have the unique opportunity to learn about the history and unique culture of Parkside directly from our senior level executives. They attended Lunch N' Learns presented by the following departments: Family Office & Banking, Loans, 401 (k), Client Services Representative, Bank Operations, Treasury, Human Resources and Marketing.

Learn what our interns had to say about their informational Lunch N' Learns!
Family Office & Banking 


"Despite coming prepared with a page full of questions, our intern class found ourselves fully engrossed in the conversation with Lucas and Carla, with discussion flowing effortlessly. Lucas and Carla showed remarkable expertise and in-depth knowledge when delving into their respective roles at Parkside. We gained valuable insights into both the Banking and TFO sides of the company, but what resonated with us the most was the significance of client relations. In certain instances, advisors at larger commercial and wealth management banks may be overwhelmed with a large volume of clients, potentially affecting the level of service provided. Parkside is different. Here, immense value is placed on delivering personalized, top-tier services to clients across all departments. Their dedication to excellence makes them stand out.

Hearing about the dedication and effort that formed meaningful relationships with clients and how Parkside approaches maintaining and growing those relationships opened my eyes to the passion everyone has at Parkside. They take the extra step to show clients how valuable they are and being reachable more often than you would find at many other banks."



"During this Lunch N’ Learn it was fun to talk and learn about the expansion of the bank, especially for loans. We engaged in a fascinating conversation with Karen and Kinna, where we discovered how their distinct roles complement each other seamlessly. Without their combined efforts, Parkside wouldn’t be able to close loan deals successfully. Although there are occasional conflicts in their responsibilities, Karen and Kinna collaborate frequently and work together to satisfy clients while protecting Parkside’s interests.     

The difference between Colorado and Missouri and the approaches the teams must take in those different deals because of the varying laws and clients' desires. Hearing the craziness from open to close on a loan is fascinating as if a loan is great looking on the front-end there may be some obstacles on the back-end which have to be rectified and the fact that the teams work together even though their core jobs are to “conflict” to make a viable loan situation for Parkside and the client."

Client Services Representative & Bank Operations


"Bank Ops and CSR seem to be complete opposites of banking, but one could not function without the other. They characterized Parkside as “uncommon” for the same reason many others have: “the client receives a more personalized experience.” However, at Parkside, they are offered the freedom to work with a multitude of people. Even if a member of their team does not hold the same title in the company, they are working side by side and giving insight into each loan."


"Alex’s L&L was very detail oriented and shocked me with how much detail and effort goes into marketing [for financial institutions]. With many institutions it is common to see constant repetitive content, but with hearing how Parkside approaches it and is taking a carefully crafted path to develop and grow, especially since there are many laws that must be followed when advertising in the finance industry. Alex taught us all about the various aspects marketing entails and about Parkside’s specific approach to it.

One of the most interesting topics she covered was the center of influence web. It showed me how professionals from various fields interact with and help each other with client referrals. Alex clarified that marketing for a bank is unique and challenging, but after seeing the changes she has made in less than a year, I am confident that Parkside’s marketing is in greats hands and I’m excited to see the new ideas that Alex creates in the future."


"Dave and Brian taught us about the importance of saving for retirement at a young age and the difference between each type of retirement account. Many companies offer employee 401(k) matches, so it is important to try and match your employer to receive extra “free” money for your retirement. Dave and Brian work together to educate all clients employees and hope to enroll them into the 401(k) plan. The information from the L&L will be extremely beneficial for my future, and I am grateful that I learned more about 401(k) planning during the internship.  
Our meeting with Dave & Brian in 401k was extremely informational. During the meeting we discussed the aspects of their department from the client referral and acquisition all the way to retirement plan and its establishment. We got down to the specifics of the ever-changing legislation (State and Federal) about retirement and the ways Parkside works with their clients to navigate it. With the possibility that Social Security will be unable to support itself in the next decade or two, we discussed the emphasis that is being put on individuals taking more responsibility in their retirement funds/planning. Another interesting topic for me that we discussed was the types of fund options and how Parkside navigates through the huge variety and selects or curates the best options for its clients."
Treasury Management

"In the Treasury Management department, Kelley and Mary Kate work with all banking clients to assist in each company’s financial management. They offer many services, including remote deposits, ACH transfers, wire transfers, bill pay, sweep accounts, and online banking. When speaking with Kelley and Mary Kate, the fraud protection system stood out to me. With fraud becoming more prevalent today, Parkside has implemented systems to recognize fraud early and alert clients before something goes wrong. 
During this Lunch N’ Learn, we spoke with Mary-Cait & Kelley, Parkside’s two-person treasury management team. This meeting opened my eyes to the diverse array of services that businesses require beyond fundamental banking solutions. Parkside offers a wide range of services including remote deposits, ACH transfers, sweep account services, and fraud protection, all to simplify the lives of their clients. One of the most surprising things I learned during this lunch was that check theft has recently emerged as a common type of fraud. I had a hard time understanding how this could be prevented and was amazed by the proactive measures taken by Parkside to combat this issue."
Book Club

"We discussed our thoughts about “A Random Walk Down Wall Street: The Time-Tested Strategy for Successful Investingby Burton Malkiel in our book club with Matt. Being able to formulate our ideas about the investment theories in the book, through a long discussion, allowed us to understand the book further. The book itself educated me on the history of investment and how many practices developed years ago are still being practiced in the modern market. The book challenged some of my own ideas about investing and shed light on new ones that I began to research as I read through the novel. Overall, the book club showed each other's similar and different opinions on the points of the book and taught me a lot on the market as a whole along with the average investor. 
Our Lunch N' Learn book discussion was hosted by Matt Harlow, Vice President of Trust & Family Office. He explained how Malkiel’s theories showed up in his real-world experiences. Engaging in the reading and discussion of this book was an enriching experience. The book blended historical context with valuable investment insights, allowing me to reinforce ideas previously learned in school. Through our discussion, I was introduced to how these financial concepts are applied to the industry. "

Meet the Parkside Interns

We are thrilled to welcome Jessie Deutschmann, Graham Johnson, Cameron Thomas, and Anjali Yadav to our team this summer! Continue reading to learn more about each of our interns.
Jessie Deutschmann
University of Tennessee - Knoxville

Jessie is a rising junior at the University of Tennessee – Knoxville studying Finance with a minor in Data Analytics. She currently holds a 3.92 GPA and is the treasurer for her sorority. She has already taken courses in both high school and college that will benefit her in the internship, and the university invited her to take a special finance class next semester that sophomores are normally not offered. Although Jessie does not have any previous working experience in the finance world, she has worked as a lifeguard, nanny, and camp counselor which truly shows her caring and outgoing side.
Graham Johnson
Miami University

Graham is a rising junior at Miami University studying Finance with a minor in Data Analytics at their Farmer Business School. Although only a sophomore, Graham has taken quite a few business courses that will help him be successful this summer during his internship. He is also a member of his school's Asset Management Club and Real Estate Club. Outside of school, Graham enjoys sports and was most recently an Umpire Manager, where he oversaw schedules and pay for multiple staff.

Cameron Thomas
Maryville University

Cameron is a rising senior at Maryville University studying Finance with a minor in Management Information Systems (he is also very interested in technology). Last summer, he completed a Business internship with Coca-Cola where he got to help a bit in all areas of daily operation. Cameron showed us in his interview that he is definitely a go-getter and is a member of multiple organizations in school, including the Office of Residential Life, Multicultural Scholars Program, and Bascon Honors Program.

Anjali Yadav
University of South Carolina

Anjali is a rising senior at the Darla Moore School of Business - University of South Carolina. She has an impressive GPA of 3.95 studying Finance with a minor in Data Analytics. She has previously completed two internships, one last summer as a Sales and Marketing intern, and one this past fall for an Insurance company. Anjali also holds a member spot in the Women in Business Council at her school.

An Uncommon Internship

Parkside's rotational internship program provides interns with valuable skills and knowledge - personal and professional - and the opportunity to experience the unique culture of Parkside directly from our senior level executives, through client meetings, social events, and team bonding.

Parkside Financial Bank & Trust is a privately held institution with a uniquely fresh perspective on banking, commercial lending, trust, and family office services–one focused on creating unparalleled simplicity in today’s increasingly complex financial environment.