Parkside Recognizes 2023 Exceptional Employee Award Winners

Parkside Financial Bank & Trust is fortunate to have high-achieving employees, committed to making Parkside and our community a better place to work. On an annual basis, we recognize truly exceptional employees with the following awards: Making a Difference, The Uncommon Partner, and Rookie of the Year.

We are excited to announce the well-deserved recipients for 2023.

The Making A Difference Award
This award honors an employee making significant contributions to their community through their time, actions, talents, and dedication. Learn more →

Allen Palmquist
Senior Vice President
Trust & Family Office

What employees had to say about Allen:
"Allen seems to be involved in almost everything there is! He wrote a check for the food drive for St. Vincent DePaul, who he was already affiliated with. He helped Culture Crew schedule our mental health session earlier in the year by using his resources at MHA of Eastern Missouri, and he organized a trivia table to benefit the Make-A-Wish foundation. He also takes part in an organization benefiting the city of Clayton's first responders and police. I see Allen as someone who would give and participate as much as he can, to any organization. He is always thinking outside of himself and ways to encourage others. Allen has a heart for serving people and lifting them up, which personally has reminded me to be my best version, no matter the circumstances."

The Uncommon Partner Award
This award honors an employee who has played an integral part in implementing a new idea, program, process, or platform designed to enhance or improve one or more areas of our organization. Learn more →

Alex Schenk

Assistant Vice President
Director of Communications & Marketing

What employees had to say about Alex:
"Alex came into Parkside with a lot of new ideas for the marketing department. She has made a huge impact in such a short amount of time. Over the last year, she has successfully put together a more robust social media platform and has taken on and completed so many projects that have really taken marketing to a new level. All of the events have been well planned and very enjoyable for employees and clients. Alex is innovative and always looking for ways to become better and more efficient. She brings a lot of passion to her role, has stepped up our branding big time, and is always looking for ways to make our events better and more impactful. Her positive attitude is another factor to take into consideration; no matter how stressful the situation, she still has a smile on her face."

The Rookie of the Year Award
This award recognizes the achievements and professionalism of an employee who has made great contributions in their short tenure and whose enthusiasm and professionalism show strong indications for success in the field, as well as promise for leadership in the organization. Learn more →

Amanda Behnken

Loan Coordinator

What employees had to say about Amanda:
"Amanda demonstrates enthusiasm and dedication to her career and responsibilities on a daily basis. There is not a day where Amanda comes to the office not prepared to give it her best effort. When working with Amanda, you can always be assured that she will go above and beyond the job done that needs to be done. Amanda continues to expand her professional growth by learning more about different types of transactions and how she can assist in making them go as smoothly as possible. She is a reliable partner who will do whatever is asked of her, and as she has grown more comfortable in her role, she has begun to take a more proactive approach which is greatly helpful for the RMs she supports."

Jamie Maurer
Trust & Family Office Operations Specialist

What employees had to say about Jamie:
"Jamie has been an integral part of the Trust & Family Office Operations team. Jamie started with no industry knowledge and stepped in the door and started defying all odds. She is a true anomaly at how she has been able to pick up so many aspects of the department. She’s a go getter and figures things out. She’s helping with private equity and billing which are more senior level duties. She did a great job assisting Kara with the new Parkside Private Fund series and also shined while Kara was on her sabbatical. She covered those things like a champ while training a new employee and onboarding clients. Jamie is only a year in, but you would think she’s been in the industry for years. She continues to learn, challenge herself, and lend a hand to others. Jamie is a huge asset to PFBT and will continue to do great things displaying her SLED traits!"

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