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Electronic Loan Payment Options

Parkside Financial Bank & Trust offers convenient electronic loan payment options,  eliminating the need to send checks through the unpredictable postal service and risking unnecessary late fees.  We encourage clients to utilize these easy-to-use payment solutions:

  • Auto-debit from your bank account, 
  • Parkside Financial Bank & Trust Online Banking, or
  • our new Loan Payment Portal. 

Auto-Debit from Bank Account

Do you want to eliminate the inconvenience of sending a loan payment each month?  Parkside can automatically debit your Parkside account or an account held at another financial institution. Contact your lender to learn more about establishing auto-debit to ensure on-time, efficient payments. 

Parkside Online Banking

Parkside account holders can utilize our online banking portal to establish one-time or recurring loan payments.  

Login to your online banking portal.
On the Accounts tab, select Transfers from the Options dropdown menu next to the account from which payment will be issued.  

New on the sub-tabs. 
Complete the required information.  Payment Options include regular or principal only payments.
Frequency allows for one time or recurring payments. 

Loan Payment Portal

As part of our ongoing effort to continually provide our clients with convenient and efficient banking solutions, we are excited to launch Parkside's Loan Payment Portal.  This easy-to-use portal allows you to initiate a loan payment online via a checking or savings account held at another financial institution.  Portal users can make a quick one-time payment to a Parkside loan or create user credentials to save information for future payments, view payment history and manage payment accounts.  

Click the Menu icon in the top left corner of pfbt.com. 

Click Commercial Banking.
Click Loan Payment Portal.
New users: Click Create Account to get started.
Access the portal using your secure login credentials, or choose to make a One Time Payment.   

Should you have any questions regarding Parkside's loan payment options,
please contact our team.