Carla Valenti - Top Business Advisor

February 2020 - St. Louis Small Business Monthly 
Words by Ron Ameln | St. Louis Small Business Monthly 
What makes a great business advisor? What inspires them, even as the inspire others? For their clients  they provide guidance, ideas, a sounding board and, very often, emotional support. 

Successful business owners often talk about the importance of having great business advisors.  Typically those advisors aren't looking for attention.  They prefer to play a behind-the-scenes role and let their clients shine. 
With that in mind, it is time to give the top, most trusted business advisors in St. Louis a turn in the spotlight.  SBM presents the thoughts and advice from the areas best advisors. 
 Parkside Executive Vice President, Carla Valenti, offered the following advice:
BIGGEST CHALLENGES FOR BUSINESS OWNERS (from your experiences): Based on continued conversations with my clients, one of the biggest challenges for business owners today is attracting and retaining talented employees.  This challenge exists in regard to all levels of employees including hourly workers, entry level positions, management and senior management.  A second challenge for business owners is navigating the ever changing cyber world.  As this world continues to change quickly, business owners need to stay current and make sure they have people and systems in place to protect their information, their money and their business. 

BEST ADVICE FOR BUSINESS OWNERS: Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Find partners and/or employees who are talented in areas that you are not.  Never be afraid to surround yourself with people who are smart and talented. 
Source: St. Louis Small Business Monthly / February 2020