Trust Services

You want the greatest level of protection when choosing a trust company. You deserve an advisor who is completely objective and committed to serving your family. At Parkside, we prepare an intelligent and comprehensive analysis of your family’s circumstances, carefully consider your objectives, and then create a detailed and systematic plan to serve you. Our team sees from your perspective, and it fuels our passion to provide you with peace of mind.

As a corporate trustee, we uphold the highest standards of fiduciary responsibility and have engrained it into our very culture as an organization. Our collaborative, hands-on team provides administrative, investment, legal and accounting expertise to support you and your heirs. Our trust professionals manage assets, distributions, reporting and other fiduciary matters to relieve your family of that burden. We are unwavering in our commitment to achieve the very best for our clients from one generation to the next.

Our trust services include:

  • Trustee Services
  • Investment Management
  • Specialty Asset Management
  • Estate Settlement
  • Special Needs Trusts