About Us

We created Parkside Financial Bank & Trust to be unique—sharply focused, intentional, ambitious and exceptional. After 10 years, we needed a fresh look to better communicate the simplicity of what we offer—a tailored collection of commercial banking, trust and family office services. Our completely new design aligns with our values and represents our personality. It’s not a change we made lightly. We listened to clients, employees and the voice of the community, and those powerful insights helped guide our decisions. We are proud to reveal to you a brand that truly showcases who we are and what we are passionate about: doing great work with amazing clients.

While our look is changing, the organization itself is not. Our leadership and team remain the same. Our purpose and vision are no different from the day we started this company. You will still access your accounts and financial information as you did before. We simply wanted a better way to communicate our mission to create an uncommon partnership with you.


A truly uncommon partnership is a rare collaboration. At Parkside Financial Bank & Trust, we focus on intangibles that make the whole relationship meaningful—like transparency, respect, ownership, integrity, knowledge, character and ambition. We are inherently different. Unconventional, unparalleled, uncommon, uncomplicated and unwavering. We are thought leaders and go-getters. We carefully align resources, expertise and in fact our very selves with your goals and interests, deliberately pursuing an uncommon partnership to create sophisticated solutions and powerful results for financial success and legacy.